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Shastha Foods

Banganapalli - Box of upto 8 pieces - Shastha Foods

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A box of Banganapalli mangoes. Each box will contain upto 8 mangoes. 

Order now and Pick up next day. Pick up timings will be announced by email.

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Shastha Foods brings you "Carbide Free and Chemical Free" Naturally Ripened Mangoes this season. Banganapalle is a mango variety generally known as The King of Mangoes, cultivar named after Banganapalle. An unspoilt obliquely oval specimen presents an unblemished golden yellow thin edible skin. These mangoes are large sized, the pulp is fibreless, firm and yellow with sweet taste. It received a geographical indication tag in May 2017. Banaganapalle mangoes have been grown for over 100 years in Andhra Pradesh. Mangoes tend to get sweeter as the season peaks and best tasted between February to August. 

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