Maavadu (300 gms) - Pick up Fri, Mar 1 onwards

Summer is officially here once Maavadu (Vadu Maangai) features at the dining table.  Maavadu or Vadu Mangai is a pickle prepared with tender mangoes. This is a traditional pickle prepared during summer. Curd rice and Maavadu - match made in heaven and earth!

Ingredients List: Tender Mango, Chilli powder, turmeric powder, Crystal salt, mustard seeds, castor oil

Vegan and Nut Free

One order contains 300 gms of Maavadu. Pick up ONLY. Date will be announced. Pick up Locations

- Idly Express Fremont

- Idly Express Milpitas

- Idly Express San Ramon

- Idly Express Almaden

- Mylapore Pleasanton

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