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Suvarna - Box of upto 10 pieces - Shastha Foods

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A box of Suvarna mangoes. Each box will contain upto 10 mangoes. (Gross Weight 3 KG)

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No Returns. Pictures are for illustration purposes only

Suvarna Mango:
"Suvarna Rekha fruit is medium, ovate-oblong. The base (top of the fruit)is slightly flattened and the apex(bottom of the fruit)is round. Skin color is light cadmium with a blush of jasper red and medium dots. The flesh is soft-fibreless-yellow with a pleasant flavor, tastes sweet, and contains abundant juice. This fruit originated from Visakhapatnam of Andhra Pradesh. This variety has spread to adjoining districts of Visakhapatnam also. Each piece weighs approx. 200-350 grams".
Suvarna - Box of upto 10 pieces - Good2Eat