Weekend Poori Combos - Joshi Vada Pav (Pre-Order)

Immerse yourself in a culinary journey with our exquisite offerings with poori(2pcs):

Experience the velvety indulgence of our creamy and sweet Shrikhand, crafted with the finest ingredients to elevate your dessert experience.

Savor a burst of tropical flavor with Aamrakhand, our mango-infused twist on the classic Shrikhand. It promises a delightful and refreshing sweet-and-tangy sensation.

Sukhi Batata Bhaji:
Discover the richness of our lightly spiced potato delight, Sukhi Batata Bhaji. It's a comforting and flavorful addition that pairs perfectly with any meal.

Channa Masala:
Delight in the savory goodness of our Channa Masala, a classic Indian dish featuring a flavorful blend of chickpeas in a spiced tomato-based sauce. It's a hearty and satisfying option for those craving a protein-packed meal.

 Note: there is a convenience fee on all G2E pick-up points. Pictures are meant for illustration purposes only. 

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