Delivery Tue Lunch - Platinum *Jain* Thali - Rajwadi Thali (Pre-Order)

The taste of Rajwadi Jain Thali is typically characterized by the subtle flavors of spices, freshness of ingredients, and a balance between sweet, sour, and savory elements. It aims to provide a satisfying and wholesome dining experience while adhering to the dietary principles of the Jain community.

Jain Meal: No Onion, No Garlic, No Potato


- 2 Veg. Curries of the day (5 oz each)

- Dhal or Kadi (5 oz ; 2 nos) : Choose an option

- Rice (5 oz; 2 nos)

- Roti or Poori (4 nos) :  Choose an option

- Desert (2 nos)


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